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Inner Balance for Kids

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The teaching and practice book for everyone who works with children (and adults)

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Background knowledge: Useful knowledge from neurobiological learning research. The connections between body-oriented and mind-oriented exercise and healthy development. The basics of qigong and tai chi chuan, and which aspects are particularly useful when working with children.

Creating lessons: Methods and teaching principles: ethics, rules of the game, “Western” and “Eastern” approaches to teaching, creating the conditions, goals…

Over 120 exercises and games: Greeting rituals, standing exercises, walking exercises, falling exercises, exercises for balance and coordination, sensory-motor exercises and mindfulness games, partner exercises, meditations, qigong stories…

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Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong for Children and all who work with them

A book for everyone who works with children in schools, day care centers, residential groups, sports clubs and leisure facilities – and who wants to help them develop physically, mentally and emotionally through child-appropriate exercises.

A book for everyone who already teaches tai chi chuan, qigong, yoga, other Asian martial arts like karate, kung fu, aikido or similar arts to adults – and would like to offer these arts to children, too.

Are you looking for a resource that…

  • helps children gain self-confidence?
  • helps children cope with stress?
  • promotes physical and mental fitness?
  • teaches social skills?
  • supports frustration tolerance and the ability to deal with conflicts?
  • helps children become calmer and overcome lack of concentration (ADHD etc.)?
  • encourages children to develop their own potential?
  • and is also lots of fun?!

“Inner Balance for Kids” gives you answers to your questions, provides background knowledge and describes over 120 practice-tested, child-friendly exercises.

It has been written by a team of authors who draw on expert knowledge and many years of practical experience. Norbert Heinrich and Dietlind Zimmermann have been teaching children and adults (and also training other instructors) in tai chi chuan and qigong for decades; in addition they have experience in kung fu, taekwondo and aikido. In Germany they are among the pioneers in teaching tai chi chuan and qigong to children. With the support of graphic designer Hans Dieter Wöhrle, who also trains aikido and tai chi chuan, they have created a unique textbook and workbook.

First published in 2016, this book has since become a standard work and long seller in German-speaking countries.

The particular approach

A key feature of this book is that it doesn’t focus on children’s ‘deficiencies’ – it shows how to activate their resources.

Expand your training repertoire along with your teaching knowledge and skills

Help children and teenagers develop self-confidence, cope with stress and hone their social skills. Let them strengthen skills such as frustration tolerance or the ability to deal with conflict, and support them in developing their own potential.

Press reviews

Tiandiren (professional journal of the German Qigong Society)
“Recommended for browsing, discovering new ideas and above all for broadening and deepening your teaching knowledge and skills as a qigong teacher – especially if you work with children or have children of your own.”

Buddhismus Aktuell (‘Buddhism Today’)
“A treasure trove of simple exercises that are just right for children.”

“The exercises focus on playful qualities. And in doing so they create space for creativity and free expression, something that’s lacking in many other books in this field.”

Comments by other professionals
“This book is a treasure trove of exercises for anyone aiming to work with children and teenagers.”

“A wealth of exercises based on practical experience, backed up by didactic guidelines and tips.”

And what do children say about the book?

Emilia-Soledad  (11 years old) from Hanover browsed through the book together with her mother. She wrote us a review:

“I think the book’s great. And what I really like is there’s not only things about yoga but also about self-defense. The “Revolving Door” exercise, for example. I liked “The Tiger” best. Another good thing is it’s easy to understand, which makes it easier to understand the exercises. The book is also very varied and there are lots of great exercises. The names were sometimes so exciting that I wanted to do the exercises right away. And the exercises are a lot of fun, too.”

Thank you, Emilia-Soledad!

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